AudioRelay 0.21 (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android)


The desktop app has been rewritten in order to make it available for MacOS, Linux and implement the server tab in the Android app.

The previous apps won’t automatically update to this version for the moment, I’d like to know if the rewrite broke anything first.

New Features

  • Linux and MacOS apps available
  • Use your Android device as a microphone
  • Share your Android’s audio to other devices (require Android 10+)
  • Share audio between desktop computers
  • Change your device’s name in the app

There’s a soft-limit of 1 hour for connections to a non-premium Android server. You can simply reconnect when you’re reaching the limit.

Improvements (Android)

Improvements (Windows)

  • Firewall rules can be added by the installer

What’s missing (Windows)

Some features present in the previous Windows app haven’t been re-implemented yet.

  • Update checking
    • (For now, you’ll need to check the forum or click on the bell icon on this page)
  • Automatic startup
  • Window minimization
  • Icon tray

Known issues

  • On Linux/MacOS, the refresh devices button doesn’t work properly
  • On Windows 7, the player doesn’t work
    • A buffer of 1 sec is displayed (instead of <100ms)


Let me know how this new version is working for you!

  • Does the mic feature work OK for you?
    • Was it easy/hard to use?
  • If you tried to stream your Android’s audio
    • Did it work?
    • What apps are you streaming?
  • Does it work on your Linux distro?
  • Does it work on your Mac?
  • Still working OK compared to the previous Windows version?
  • Noticed anything that should be improved?

Simply reply here, shout at @AudioRelayApp or email me at





Download and instructions


Download and instructions


Download and instructions

Note that the desktop builds will expire in October


Notifying @microphone-feature, @linux-users, @macos-users since you’ve expressed interest in one of these features!


Awesome news! Thanks for listening to the community! I’ll be trying it and let you know if I find anything that’s helpful. Cheers!

Awesome! You do the best.

Thanks @Asapha! Sadly I’m unable to use my headset mic on Android (USB-C → 3.5mm → MMX300). It is detected from my phone and for example usable for phone calls but I can only transmit the sound from the build-in mics!

Some possible improvements:

  • Option to auto-connect microphone if connected with server
  • Option to auto-switch to “VB-Audio Virtual Cable Output” (default) in Windows if connected with server (Maybe look at SoundSwitch how they do it) and back if disconnected

the new design on linux is much better than the old one + after several hours of using it the memory usage is less :).

update: the memory usage is too much better than the old version. :+1:

It works perfectly on windows, but I still miss the auto connect to server feature on Android!

Thanks for testing,
The Android link points to a new version, it should now work with your headset.

Noted, some automation would be great!

Perfect, thank you! Works now! :grin: Do you have a donation link?

And for output and mic it would be cool to have gain control, as the mic is a little bit too loud on my system and output on my headset a little bit to quiet.