So whats going on with the DAC in stuff like the g8?

Using OpenSL or “reduce latency” under audioTrack results in my high impedance headphones not getting the right power it seems? Its not just the EQ, its clearly a power thing but is there any workaround on either end?

I don’t even need the hifi toggle on for a huge difference with just plain audioTrack is the weird part, if I did then this would make a great deal more sense…


As written here, requesting a lower latency “path” from the Android system will disable hardware and audio “effects”. Which I assume, is what is causing the difference you’re experiencing.

You didn’t say what the problem was when using AudioTrack + reduce low latency off. I’m guessing that there’s too much latency?

Though, after re-reading the docs above, the SL_ANDROID_PERFORMANCE_LATENCY_EFFECTS seems interesting, I’ll do a few tests.

(made a minor edit)

yea, too much latency without the toggle set, on .12,

latency_effects might do it! Will be glad to test if I remember to pop back by