AudioRelay 0.24


For changes between 0.12 to 0.21, see this post AudioRelay 0.21 (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android).
It mainly added

  • Android to PC streaming
  • PC to PC streaming
  • Linux and macOS versions

0.24.0 (2022-03)

  • Fixed: A bug prevented connections via a hostname (instead of an IP address)
  • Fixed: When multiple devices were connected, an issue could cause brief re-connects
  • UI: Updated translations
  • Misc: Made various performance improvements


  • Fixed: The option to ignore phone calls works again on Android < 12
  • Fixed: Premium purchases can be made on this build


  • UI: Added German and Chinese translations
  • Fixed [Linux, macOS]: The app could become unresponsive when listening and playing to the same audio device
  • Misc [Windows]: The installer adds rules to prevent Windows from reserving ports used by AudioRelay


  • Sharing Android’s audio won’t work for every app, check the compatibility here
  • There’s a soft-limit of 1 hour for connections to a non-premium Android server. You can simply reconnect when you’re reaching the limit.
  • Desktop to Desktop could require a paid license in the future

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Available on



(from 0.24.0)

Desktop (0.24.2)

  • Fixed (Windows): The app couldn’t be opened on some systems
  • Misc: Fixed error reporting

Android (0.24.6)

  • Fixed: A crash could occur when the app retried to connect and AudioRelay was temporarily interrupted (Notification from another app, phone call)
  • Fixed: When using the OpenSL audio output, the buffer could seem to grow indefinitely and some audio pops could be heard. Even without network issues
  • Fixed: The app could crash when upgrading from 0.12.x or when initialising AdMob

What’s immediately next

  • Fix any big issues raised from users upgrading from 0.12
  • Add volume and mute controls for the mic functionality
  • Probably try to make re-connecting easier (1, 2)

I like it very much!


Please try this:

- Find the AudioRelay-x.x.x.exe file in your download folder
- Right click on the file
- Click properties
- Check Unblock at the bottom of Properties
- Click OK and you should be able to install the app

I’ll update the instructions of the download page.