AudioRelay 0.21

So, is the end result is that the mic works but you can’t hear anything?

You can hear and the mic works, but you loose the native option for change the device you’re using to hear. So if I want to change between bluetooth devices or put the audio on the smartphone I wouldn’t be able (without change options inside AudioRelay).

Just using the old version - missed the bit where it’s not released yet!

Yes I get the icon - the issue, possibly with android? Is that when I select this bluetooth device as the mic, it starts playing output audio over it too and I lose audio on my headset (connected to phone over usb).

So I’m unable to select one bluetooth audio device for input without my phone sending all audio output to that device.

But otherwise using a single audio device on the phone works well! I’m using a oneplus 8 pro.

Some other things I noticed:

  • Looks like the minimize to try setting is gone in the new windows version
  • on the windows app, the vertical scroll speed depends on the amount of scrollable content in a weird way - i.e. if there is a tiny bit off the viewport, it takes ages to scroll down, but it scrolls faster if there is a lot more off the viewport. It should be a fixed distance of scrolling per mousewheel tick/scrollbar press. I guess you’re using some nonstandard stuff here :smiley: minor though :slight_smile:

Windows app crashed on start up after a reinstall.
I would see the ui the loading icon in the right would be frozen entire app looked frozen and then it would just kill itself :frowning: Hope you got some value crash reports, would love to test the features.

Does it still happen with the new version?

There’s a new version:

  • The minimize option is back
  • What do you think of the scrolling now? It seems OK
  • I haven’t looked at the audio device situation yet