AudioRelay 0.22


For changes between 0.12 to 0.21, see this post AudioRelay 0.21 (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android).
It mainly added

  • Android to PC streaming
  • PC to PC streaming
  • Linux and MacOS versions

0.21 to 0.22 changes

  • Added: Can change the volume of Android devices from the PC
  • Added [Windows]: An option to start on system startups and a tray icon
  • Fixed [Windows]: Audio streaming continues after a period of silence
  • Fixed [Windows]: The player works on Windows 7
  • Fixed [Linux, MacOS]: The refresh button works
  • Fixed [MacOS]: The system asks for the microphone permission
  • Fixed [MacOS]: Opus doesn’t need to be installed on the system


  • Added: Emoji support in display names
  • Added: Update checks
  • Added: Error reporting
  • Fixed [Windows]: The installer doesn’t duplicate firewall rules on each install
  • Misc: Changed the UI toolkit (for the nerds: JavaFX to Jetpack Compose)
  • Misc [Windows]: 64 bits is required
  • Misc [Windows]: Bumped the .NET framework from 4.6 to 4.6.2
  • Misc [Windows]: The installer no longer installs vcredist


  • Sharing Android’s audio won’t work for every app, check the compatibility here
  • There’s a soft-limit of 1 hour for connections to a non-premium Android server. You can simply reconnect when you’re reaching the limit.
  • Desktop to Desktop could require a paid license in the future
  • These builds will expire next year


Let me know how this new version is working for you!

  • Does the mic feature work OK for you?
    • Was it easy/hard to use?
  • If you tried to stream your Android’s audio
    • Did it work?
    • What apps are you streaming?
  • Does it work on your Linux distro?
  • Does it work on your Mac?
  • Still working OK compared to the previous Windows version?
  • Noticed anything that should be improved?

Simply reply here, shout at @AudioRelayApp or email me at





Download and instructions


Download and instructions


Download and instructions

Great app as always! 'm even noticing much better latency and smaller buffeer size. Thanks!