AudioRelay Windows server freezes & exit after a while

I’m noticing an issue since this morning, my audio relay is freezing and exiting automatically after a while and that is very annoying. I’m a Premium user, I purchased an audio relay sometime ago. Please help.


So, AudioRelay worked for you for a few weeks/months and now, it stops working when running for a few hours?

Do you know if something changed on your PC recently? A new audio device for example.

Regardless, please try this version if haven’t done so yet

The new version is not stable, it is horribly unstable. It lags in sometimes and disconnects audio for a bit and then it stays the same! (v0.24.0)

Was the linked version (0.22) working OK for you?

Could you try with USB tethering? If there are no lags, we could assume that the issue is network related.
In that case, I’d suggest checking the various tips on the FAQ.


I have a new issue - I started using NordVPN, but now in the windows app, it shows two local ips and on mobile, it won’t connect.

Screenshot - Screenshot by Lightshot

Hi, disable “Invisibility on LAN” or the equivalent in NordVPN settings.

Its disabled, i checked already… Same on mobile…

Does sending pings work between your devices?

I’d suggest to contact NordVPN support. From a Google search, it seems that there’s also a need to whitelist your LAN’s subnet “”. But I’m not sure if it’s Linux specific.

AudioRelay also uses these ports
UDP port 59100
TCP port 59100

Just ask them how to enable communications between your phone and PC over LAN. And say that you’ve already disabled Invisibility on LAN, you could even include a link to this post.

Please let us know if they provide a solution. It could help other users.

I also encountered the same problem. While NordVPN is running, AudioRelay can’t connect and it seems like it is stuck reconnecting in a loop. I can see my device for a brief moment trying to connect in server connecitons tab. And I get “Not receiving audio data” error on my phone.

“Invisibility on LAN” is toggled off. I can ping devices both ways. UDP and TCP ports are open. If I try to whitelist my local subnet using “nordvpn-service.exe whitelist add subnet” it breaks VPN client, I don’t think you’re supposed to do it on Windows.

This behavior means that the phone can connect to the PC via TCP but, the UDP packets containing the audio can’t go from the PC to the phone.

From a quick look, the command should be useable on Windows. What do you mean by “it breaks VPN client”?
(I’m assuming that you’ve removed the last part from your comment: nordvpn-service.exe whitelist add subnet

Would you mind checking the logs from the server’s settings?
There should be a line starting with Remote device connected:.
It should correspond to your phone’s IP address. If it doesn’t, it could explain why the packets can’t reach their destination.

I guess, I figured it out. I was using split tunneling which is broken in latest versions. It blocks connection for some apps even though it was set to “Enable VPN for selected apps only”. I downgraded to and everything works like it should.

So it wasn’t related to AudioRelay at all, sorry :)
Maybe it will help someone with similar problem though.

As for broken whitelisting I read somewhere that it is not fully implemented in Windows and it works weird. Settings resets after every restart and makes NordVPN client flood connected/disconnected notifications.