Audio stops playing when no sound from PC for a while. It won't resume the audio until disconnect and reconnect to PC

Audio stops playing when no sound from PC for a while. It won’t resume the audio until disconnect and reconnect to PC.
I guess the app stops transferring audio when no sound is playing, and it fails to resume the transferring when the sound resumes. Is there a way to make the transferring always on?
Thank you!

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How are the stats and the graph when this happens?
All at 0, graph missing, graph and stats still being updated etc.

See the picture below:

Maybe the audio driver stops sending audio but doesn’t notify AudioRelay of any error… :thinking:

Could you install this version of the server? The audio capture was slightly updated.

If this doesn’t work, could you please answer these?

  • In your mind, how much time of silence is required to trigger the bug?
  • Are you actively using the PC during the silence?
  • Are you on Windows 7, 8 or 10?
  • Are you using a laptop? There’s maybe a performance setting affecting this
  • Could you provide server logs? (found through the settings menu)

Sorry for the late reply!

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Sorry for entering the conversation. I would really love to help fixing this.i got premium and everything looks really awesome but i seem to get the same problem. i want to try answering some of the questions.

  • i had this problem 2 times now. i think it happened like 2-3 hours hard to tell very accurate because i dont listen all the time
    -i did use my laptop occasionally but nothing with a high system use .
    -im on windows 10
    -using a laptop but its always plugged so i set everything to max performance. ( guess nothing should turn off by itself)

Thanks for the details!

Luckily, the bug occurred on my end. The audio is correctly sent to the Android device but all the packets are rejected for being “out of order”. It probably happens after a temporary connection loss.

I’ll try to fix it.

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Hi, I just saw this post, I have the same issue and already wrote a topic with the same issue describing what I saw, cuz is a big post describing what I encountered I’ll link it here instead of deleting.

Answering your questions:

  • Random, my minimum time I think the server was open for just 10 minutes, so can be long or not.
  • Yes
  • W10
  • Desktop
  • Log sent in your DM

I’ve made a new version of the Android app.
The app should self-heal when it encounters this error, please try it and let me know if this occurs again.

edit: removed the link, check below

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Now the audio seems to work on the app, but you can’t hear any sound. Same error (for the user), different behavior from the app.

I was listen to a YouTube video, when the video had end and I’ve started another (I’ve changed pages, searched and put to play the new one) the error happened.

While I was writing these post, with my server restarted (changing the audio output for restart the server faster) I kept the server without audio for 6 minutes, when I played an audio again the app behaved the same way as before, “Ordering Not OK” and then, Ordering changed to “OK”, the “Max latency” returned to count but the audio didn’t have any sound (like in the print before the restart). Restarting again, worked again.

mod edit: removed the link

Thanks for the test!

You were right, the issue wasn’t totally fixed.
Here’s a new version: 0.21.5

It’ll work but you’ll still miss around 1 second of audio when playing after a bit of silence (>40 secs).
It’s due to the server sending some wrong info after this period of silence, it’ll be fixed in the next desktop version.

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