Windows instructions

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Windows will probably warn you about the file, you’ll need to manually authorize the installation

  • Right-click on the downloaded file
  • Click on properties
  • Go to the bottom, click on the unblock checkbox
  • Re-execute the installer

Microphone Setup

VB-Cable Installation

:warning: Necessary if you want to use another device as a microphone for you Windows device

As applications are not allowed to modify microphone inputs, a driver needs to be installed.

Download VB-CABLE
VB-CABLE is a donationware, all participations are welcome.

After the installation, you’ll have new playback and recording devices that AudioRelay and other apps will be able to use.

Everything that goes to CABLE input is transferred to CABLE Output.
This way, you can select CABLE Input in AudioRelay and CABLE Output in Skype for example.


Microphone Usage

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While wearing my headset on my cell phone (Motorola G6), I noticed that I was not picking up his microphone, but from the cell phone itself. There were several noises as well.

Thanks for testing,
Please check the new Android version (the link is updated), it should work with headsets now!