Volume passthrough (Change the volume of AudioRelay when changing the volume of the PC)

It would be cool if audiorelay respected the system volume on the PC. Or better yet, if it pretended to be a virtual audio device, so that it could be controlled directly.

Please elaborate; the volume changes according to what windows is set to currently or do you mean something more complex?

Definitely agree with this request. Right now when you change the volume on the PC it doesn’t affect the volume of AudioRelay at all.

YES, most annoying. No easy way to control volume. I use Music Center for Wear to conveniently control volume through smartwatch.

However, volume control on PC should sync with app so you can e.g. use media control keys on your keyboard to increase/lower volume on phone. THIS would greatly improve the experience. MUSTHAVE. Users will love it!

Hello, please add this function ASAP. I have volume knob on my keyboard, but can not use it!

I disagree with yall. Having manual control over the phone to control volume should be an option because its a bit annoying when i have to adjust the volume at the laptop when i can just do it directly on my phone. Also, i would like the laptop to not play audio at all when i am listening through my phone. It still streams music, but i only want the phone to output audio