Keyboard controls/shortcuts

I love being able to control the volume of my device on the computer now, however, it would be even nicer if it could use some global keyboard shortcut to do so, so I don’t have to bring up the audio relay window. I know foobar has a great keyboard shortcut implementation, as an example.

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Good point, a custom hotkey to control volume would be great.

There is currently a setting to change the volume, but I’d really like to be able to bind it to a keyboard shortcut to be albe to change it on the go.

Why isn’t this a feature yet?
Why doesn’t media keys control the server volume?

in legacy version of audiorelay you could change volume through keyboard arrows which wasn’t really convenient but at least it was possible. I really want global hotkeys implementation to control volume, or a floating widget for volume control or even local hotkeys that can be activated once the window is active and also a mute button.

Thank You.

Hey Asapha,

Thanks for making such great product.

Currently I use android as speaker when my main Hifi speaker is off, so I can listen to lighter sound (notifications, alerts and so on). But I like to automate where if Hifi is on/android will be off and vice versa.

Keyboard shortcut feature to mute wifi speaker (android) it would be a great enhancement for people using multiple speaker setup (such as myself) would save hassle of manual work.

Hope to see this feature soon. Thanks!

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