Report client Bluetooth latency to host OS


I have started using AudioRelay recently and have been really enjoying it. My use case is to connect my Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids that I’ve paired with my Android phone via the ASHA protocol to my Windows PC, as they don’t support a direct connection. This has been working great! But unsurprisingly, I have encountered a lot of latency when streaming media such as YouTube on my PC.

My question is as follows:

Is it possible to measure the Bluetooth latency from the client (in my case the Android app) and have the server report it to the host OS?

I imagine the virtual speakers the Windows app installs would be the ideal medium to report such latencies, as if the virtual speakers were themselves a Bluetooth audio sink with a connection latency, allowing other programs to use them as they see fit.

Thank you for creating such a useful app, it truly has been a life changer for me.