Audio delay when relaying PC sound from mobile to hearing aids

I have three units: a Windows 10 PC, a OnePlus 10 Pro phone with Android 12 and a pair of Resound One hearing aids. My goal is to play the sound that AudioRelay in the mobile receives from the computer in the hearing aid. When I play e.g. a video on the computer and listen to the sound via AudioRealy on the mobile, the delay is barely noticeable and streaming direct from the phone to the hearing aid via Bluetooth works perfectly. When I try to combine this and send the PC sound from the AudioRelay in the mobile to the hearing aids via the Bluetooth connection, the delay is about 500 ms. Can anything be done to fix this? I am using the latest versions of AudioRelay in both PC and phone.

Most Bluetooth devices introduce some lag.

When you play a video from your PC or your phone, the devices compensate for the Bluetooth lag by delaying the images.

For example, when stopping a video you should notice that the sound plays for a few milliseconds after the image is stopped.

If you were to use an app that require realtime audio, you should notice a bit of lag when listening via your Bluetooth headset.

Could you retry your tests but, instead of playing a video, you use this site? Let me know if using AudioRelay introduces a bigger noticeable delay on top of the Bluetooth one.

As for fixing the issue at hand, which is have video images synchronized to the audio, it’d require to implement what’s proposed here:

Report client Bluetooth latency to host OS