No Virtual mic driver

i have just installed audiorelay and when i connected with my phone, i went check the mic and there wasnt one. i search a lot and i saw a post here but there was no fix there.


Android 8.1.0
Moto G5s
AudioRelay 0.26.1

hp, Windows 10

|ProcessorAMD Turion™ II P520 Dual-Core Processor 2.30 GHz
|RAM installed|4,00 GB
|System type|64-bits operating system, x-64-based processor

|Edition|Windows 10 Pro|
|OS build|19044.1889|
|Experience|Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4180.0|

AudioRelay 0.27

Google updated android’s bluetooth microphone policy, I’m getting the same error. There is no longer an option to use one or the other, google wants to go straight to the brain, and be the sole provider of any services. So there’s no fix for this, and it ruins the unique functionality brought by android. You can’t really do this on windows with my headphones or it forces mono audio. Sucks man. They hate choices, nothing automatic can work with choices. Hands Free Voice Settings Are Changing - Google Assistant Community

There’s a way to fix this, but it’s not pretty. And windows 10 relies on your phone’s bluetooth to login for some use cases. They don’t disclose this, but the radio control in processses can stop them from doing that. So my “fix” breaks stuff is what I’m telling you, lol. But, you can setup a really elaberate secure folder trick, running both sides with audio relay. You have to use seperate app sound though, and that’s a pain. If you do it wrong, which you will you’ll bind the socket that audio relay uses . So, no good, gotta start over.