Linux version

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First version available here: Linux version - #13 by Asapha.

Yes please! I tried Windows server over Wine, but couldn’t get it working due to some .NET incompatibilities.

Me encantaria una version para Linux!

Been planning to migrate to linux, Manjaro XFCE to be specific. Would love to use this app there

Please! Would like to use it on my main OS

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Would be great, especially considering that it would solidify this software’s usefulness overtime as Microsoft’s & Google’s ties grow; & this apps popularity grows. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up getting built into android 12 with a Windows 10 tie in.

Yes, please :slight_smile:

Yeah linux would be great. Packaged in a .deb file would be best for all linux users.

I would love that ::

Please do so that would be great. I only use Linux for desktop.

I would like a linux version please, and, i would like to add the suggestion that if this version ever comes to fruition release it as a flatpak or appimage, in that way we will be able to run it pretty much on any distro and without worrying about dependencies

Yes please! I don’t know if this helps but there is a way for pulseaudio to send over network, but things have to line up well for it to work properly.

Hi all,

Here’s my first attempt at a Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) release :wave:
It’s still a work in progress, but it’d great to know whether if this works as-is for most people.



The app requires ALSA/PulseAudio and a 64-bit OS.



In AudioRelay, click on the choose button and select the monitor xxx device. Or whatever
sink if you have any. Then connect your phone to the server.
If the audio cuts a lot, try the solution below.

ALSA (+ PulseAudio)

In AudioRelay, choose the default device.
Then in the PulseAudio interface, go to recording and select ‘monitor of xxx’ for the ALSA plugin. Connect your phone and you should hear your PC.

In case you don’t have it, the GUI can be installed via sudo apt install pavucontrol.

Please let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

Hello there, the server works fine on my Debian system and i have had no problems with connections and stability so far. My only complaint is that there’s no easy way to start the server once it is installed. There’s no shortcut or terminal command. I have to manually search for the executable (Which is in /opt/audiorelay/bin/, in case anyone wants to know) and launch it directly.

It would be nice if there were a .desktop file for the server and a terminal command like “audiorelay” or “AudioRelay”.

Also, what’s the point of the Client and Settings tabs? Are they placeholders?

Thanks for testing!

The shortcut appears correctly on my end, that’s strange.
The .deb is running this command to install it: xdg-desktop-menu install /opt/audiorelay/lib/audiorelay-AudioRelay.desktop. What happens if you try to run this manually? Maybe it doesn’t work with your window manager. (here’s a list list of compatible ones)

Yes, these are placeholders for the moment.

Yes! I’d love to use it

Hi @KoBa,

Have you checked the posts above? :smiley:

it works great for me!

after several hours, it takes a lot of memory usage: 580MB some how

After several hours of use(6 hours) the memry useage was 4GB, but everything beside this is good