How do I identify which ip address to use when connecting via usb tethering

Is it always the second ip address?

It can’t be found via the ordering.

What do your IPs look like?
On my end, I have 192.168.1.x from my router and 192.168.197.x for the USB tethering connection.
I’m not sure how the IP from USB tethering is attributed but, the 3rd number is always high. Which makes it easy to distinguish.

It should become irrelevant when USB connection without tethering is implemented.

I don’t think thats right, as for me right now the 3rd number was lower when I connected my phone to the computer.
But the second time I connected it, it was higher.

Is the USB connection via tethering going to be implemented soon?

Was just asking because the ‘usb connection without tethering’ post you linked was posted quite some time back…

Yes! It’s currently the most upvoted feature request, so I’ll add it in the next few weeks. Right now, I’m finishing up a driver to complete the mic feature.

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