USB connection without tethering

Connect without having to enable USB tethering but instead use USB debugging.

It would be more technical since a user would need to enable the developer settings, enable USB debugging and sometimes have to deal with driver issues.

+1 so we can use exclusive mode in windows apps, also use mic at same time

+1 cant use usb at all on sprint even if data is off due to you are not subscribed to data tethering, tried to find the right value in setedit but no luck.

Wow, that sucks…
I didn’t know this was a thing. :thinking:

+1 for this too - My Samsung galaxy s10e automatically turns off USB tethering whenever it is unplugged so I have to plug it back in and re-enable it every time.
Enabled the default USB configuration to USB tethering but it doesn’t seem to help.

Plus, how technical is tapping on the build number repeatedly until it’s enabled? I always do it with any new phone I get as some remote control apps require USB debugging anyways.

+1 too, it would be great to connect USB without tethering. Cannot connect to wifi, enable airplane mode, or turn off data while USB tethering is running on my OnePlus 7T phone.

This would be AMAZING

How would the tutorial be?