Error ReceiverException

For some reason when I start a connection in the application, the error ReceiverException appears, I will leave a print below to show the problem, I already restarted the computer, restarted the internet, restarted the cell phone, and every time I start a connection appears this error and no sound came out at all. I need help to solve the problem.

The problem started right after I updated the program server on the computer, then I updated the application on the phone, and the problem continued, before I updated the program on the phone I thought the problem was different versions, but the problem persisted after updating the phone’s server and program. I’ve been a user of the program for a long time and I never suffered from a problem like this.

Sorry about that, and thanks for the details.
Could you let me know your version of Windows?

Meanwhile, I’ve stopped the update.
You can reinstall the old version from here

The Windows version is 8.1 Pro. The connection information appears on the cell phone, but appears with problems, I will post another print here and then download the old version of the application. Thanks for the support!

You can safely update now. :+1:

Thanks, I tested the app and it went back to work again. By the way, when downloading the server to the computer, the browser accused the program as being harmful to the computer, I reported the program as safe. (Microsoft Edge).