Erro Child process exited with code 1


Após formatar o computador para o Windows 10, quando tentei iniciar o aplicativo apareceu este erro “Child process exited with code 1”

Steps to reproduce

Ao iniciar o erro aparece


Device A:
Windows 10 22H2
AudioRelay 0.27.5

Device B:
Android 11
AudioRelay 0.26.1

Hello @Irineu,

In order to get some info about the crash, could you please follow these instructions?

• Open Command prompt

• Run cd "c:\Program Files (x86)\AudioRelay"
• Run .\runtime\bin\java.exe -XX:ErrorFile="%USERPROFILE%\desktop\audiorelay-crash.log" -cp .\app\audiorelay.jar > %USERPROFILE%/desktop/audiorelay-output.log 2>&1

• Upload the audiorelay-crash.log and audiorelay-output.log files that were created in your Desktop

2023-04-12 08:56:39:301 [INFO] Version: 0.27.5, os: Windows 10, osVersion: 10.0
2023-04-12 08:56:40:920 [INFO] Initializing locale to pt-BR
2023-04-12 08:56:41:028 [INFO] Starting IpcCoordinatorService ...
2023-04-12 08:56:41:232 [INFO] Got open ports at 59300 and 59350
2023-04-12 08:56:41:287 [INFO] Messages socket waiting on a connection...
2023-04-12 08:56:41:293 [INFO] Audio socket waiting on a connection...
2023-04-12 08:56:41:312 [INFO] Starting backend...
2023-04-12 08:56:41:314 [INFO] Waiting for devices from windows' backend...
[SKIKO] warn: Fallback to next API: Failed to choose DirectX12 adapter.
2023-04-12 08:56:41:326 [INFO] Starting the server...
2023-04-12 08:56:41:346 [INFO] Waiting for devices from RtAudio…
2023-04-12 08:56:41:774 [INFO] Checking for update...
2023-04-12 08:56:41:950 [INFO] Wait for backend backend...
[SKIKO] warn: Can't wrap nullptr
Failed to create Skia OpenGL context!
[SKIKO] warn: Exception in draw scope: Cannot init graphic context
2023-04-12 08:56:43:499 [INFO] Showing main window...
2023-04-12 08:56:44:597 [INFO] Found no update
2023-04-12 08:56:45:280 [INFO] Rendering api: OPENGL
2023-04-12 08:56:47:290 [INFO] Wait for backend backend...
2023-04-12 08:56:48:490 [INFO] Messages socket created
2023-04-12 08:56:48:648 [INFO] Audio socket connected
2023-04-12 08:56:48.886 [INF] Connection ready
2023-04-12 08:56:49.276 [INF] Changing process audiorelay-backend priority from Normal to Normal
2023-04-12 08:56:49.281 [INF] Changing process java priority from Normal to Normal
2023-04-12 08:56:49.451 [INF] Handling windows startup request...
2023-04-12 08:56:49:082 [INFO] Backend is ready
2023-04-12 08:56:49:105 [INFO] Requesting startup settings...
2023-04-12 08:56:50:562 [INFO] Windows' backend devices: [WindowsAudioDevice(id={}.{4d885103-5e21-41fd-9af7-656eb523fb99}, type=Render, name=Alto-falantes (Realtek High Definition Audio), isDefault=false, sampleRate=48000, channels=2), WindowsAudioDevice(id={}.{6402a00d-cb55-4c83-9dac-a57d7376116e}, type=Capture, name=Microfone (Realtek High Definition Audio), isDefault=false, sampleRate=44100, channels=2), WindowsAudioDevice(id={}.{43071119-cb74-4d18-902f-4e685f285ecb}, type=Capture, name=Virtual Mic (Virtual Mic for AudioRelay), isDefault=false, sampleRate=48000, channels=2), WindowsAudioDevice(id={}.{7e831ba0-f77f-4e05-bf85-ae109a4cf667}, type=Render, name=Virtual Speakers (Virtual Speakers for AudioRelay), isDefault=true, sampleRate=48000, channels=2)]
2023-04-12 08:56:52:744 [INFO] Network addresses: NetworkInfo(broadcastAddresses=[], localAddresses=[])
2023-04-12 08:57:00:082 [INFO] Virtual mic:, Virtual speaker:
2023-04-12 08:57:04:837 [INFO] Stopping the server, reason: shutdown
2023-04-12 08:57:04:856 [INFO] Destroying backend due to cancellation...

Thanks for the logs.

What’s your graphics card?

Switching to software rendering will probably help.
Please try these instructions.

It worked, thanks

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