Do I have to have "mobile data on" to use the connection with USB?

On wifi I haven no problems connecting - the sound is choppy and very annoying
On usb tethering with mobile data turned on its perfect

But can I use it with only USB tethering and no mobile data ? Aka can the app allow me to use my phone as a speaker without using internet at all?

If the goal is to not use your mobile data, you could try to enable USB tethering while still connected to wifi.

If the above option isn’t possible, you’d have to wait for this feature.

That is my goal to use USB tethering without using mobile data. Someone mentioned that they can do this with airplane mode on, but for me, I only get wifi ip address with USB tethering enabled and WiFi

Thats my goal to not use mobile data and connect with pc through USB tethering - but if I only use WiFi and usb tethering I only get one ip address - the one from wifi

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Unfortunately, it’s possible that your phone doesn’t support this.
What’s your phone’s model?

This answers hints that there could be a Wifi sharing option to activate though. Could that be the case for your device?

Outside of AudioRelay here’s how you can check for the USB connection:

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Its umidigi a5 pro, i don’t get a new connection, I haven’t checked but I am almost sure I don’t get a new connection with USB tethering unless I turn on mobile data, then I can use my pc with the internet from the phone.

I don’t see an immediate solution for your issue. :thinking:
I can only recommend to try again when this is implemented:

Hopefully it will be soon, thank you for the support.