Disconnected from stream when I get a notification or audio plays on my phone

Whenever I get a notification or watch a video on Reddit for example, I get disconnected from the stream which can get quite annoying after a while.

My phone is a Huawei P30 Pro.

If this isn’t a fixable issue then may I suggest adding an option to favorite a specific connection or IP and automatically attempt to reconnect to it if available?

EDIT: I’ll also add that this phone only has a USB type C port, so I can’t stream audio via USB and use earphones at the same time.

EDIT 2: Just found an option to fix this… ಠ_ಠ Perhaps you could still take my other suggestion into consideration?

That’s strange, the audio should just be temporarily muted or lowered when you get a notification. :thinking:
But from your edit, I guess solved it by disabling the “Exclusive audio” option.

A reconnect feature is tracked there