Auto reconnect to last server used

For setting up a user friendly multi-room audio system it would be very helpful if there was an optional auto-reconnect to the last server used.

Otherwise if you shut the server down (which you might usually do at night and also which is practically unavoidable anyway when you’re using Windows as a host) you would need to reconnect each client again manually.

This feature would even allow to to use an Android TV box (without screen attached) or a Raspberry Pi (running Android) as a streaming client.

Hey Rick,

At the moment, AudioRelay tries to reconnect for 5 minutes when you shutdown the server.
But if you have devices that are constantly plugged in, an option to indefinitely reconnect could maybe work for you?

Let me know if you have a more elegant solution in mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Asapha,

thanks for your response requesting clarification.

Yes, exactly this, an option to indefinitely attempting to reconnect.

Even more useful with an option to auto-start the app on Android after reboot and immediately trying to reconnect.

These two options together would make the app really useful for use as a multi-room streamer.

SoundWire has exactly these options, which is why I fell back on SoundWire for the time being, until AudioRelay covers this. But AudioRelay also has its merits and is actively in development, that’s why in the long run I would love to migrate towards it.

An conceivable further advance would be if the client permanently sends a beacon when it is ready to establish a connection and the connection could then be initiated by the server.
This allows the user to make a selection from the server as to which rooms are to be supplied with the signal.


I will migrate from Soundwire to Audiorelay as soon as this option will be activated!
It is definitively necessary with an Android TV when I switch off my PC.

Even more useful with an option to auto-start the app on Android after reboot and immediately trying to reconnect.

I think this is more feasible, as I can then program my android phone to automatically open the app when it detects it is connected to my computer. At the moment I have to plug in my phone then manually connect it via manual access / wirelessly over Your Phone Companion.

Loving this so far, it skips the step of having to connect my bluetooth hearing aids to the computer and my phone back and forth. If this feature is implemented then I have a streamlined way to listen to the computer as soon as I sit down and connect my phone.

As mentioned in the posts above, although a bit dated Soundwire already does this perfectly, I have it running on multiple devices from Android 4.4 till 10 with no issues

This is the one missing feature Audio Relay needs to be perfect.