Can this be used to send audio from phone to PC?

That’s what I got the app for, but it seems I can only make sound from my PC get sent to my phone, right? I want the opposite. I’m tethering with cable via windows 10 and pixel 3a

I got real excited when I saw that i could choose which pc output to mimic, but then dissapointed when I could only go pc -> phone

I’m working on it, would you like to test an early version when I have it?
Your phone will need to have Android 10+ though.

I like to test early version!

I have only been able to get sound from my pc to my phone. Then the phone has a headset. So i can use Zoom for school. still doesn’t work all the time.

Hi @wilcoxdi, @Kacper_Szerszen, @lolsup,

A version with the feature is available here.