AudioRelay 0.27


0.27 (2023-03)


  • Reworked the audio handling
    • Fixes(macOS): High audio lags when playing on Bluetooth devices
    • Fixes(macOS): Audio no longer working after refreshing devices
    • Fixes(Linux): Audio not playing or not being captured
    • Fixes(Linux, macOS): Crashes on Linux and macOS
  • Perf(macOS): Added a build for Apple Silicon
  • UI: Added Ukrainian and Indonesian languages
  • Fixed(Windows): A crash occurred if a specific file related to accessibility was present in the system


  • Sharing Android’s audio won’t work for every app, check the compatibility here
  • There’s a soft-limit of 1 hour for connections to a non-premium Android server. You can simply reconnect when you’re reaching the limit.
  • Desktop to Desktop could require a paid license in the future

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