Android audio capture not working with Netflix


Hi, I have installed Audio Relay (0.24.9) on a Samsung SM-P200 and enabled the server to stream apps to my Windows 10 PC (Audio Relay 0.24.7)

With youtube, it works fine. but when trying to stream Netflix content, I get no sound on PC.


Android 11
Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen SM-P200
AudioRelay 0.24.9

Asus, Windows 10 21H2
AudioRelay 0.24.7

Unfortunately, the feature won’t work for every apps. :frowning:
If an app makes copyrighted material available, there’s a high chance that they’ll prevent audio recording from working.

You can check some examples here:

I have ideas for a couple new features. Where can I post?

You can post them in this category

Just make sure that they haven’t been posted yet :slightly_smiling_face: