Where are the settings for Android to PC app audio? (buffer etc.)


Usecase: Android tablet as second screen for Desktop PC, headphones connect to 3.5mm on PC. The tablet lacks 3.5mm to use as line-in, PC lacks bluetooth.

I cannot find buffer settings for Android app to PC streaming, I also cannot get USB tether option to work Android to PC. (I have found Eventsync and continuous capture in the PC app but these settings make little difference).
Adjusting settings in the “Player” tab on android does not seem to affect behavior as server (understandable).
The buffer seems to move between 0ms and 110ms, stutters happen when it reaches 0 and I suspect just 200ms of buffer would fix the issue.
I live in a very congested area for Wifi, even on 5Ghz I get a lot of stuttering.
I have premium.

A solution where I adjust a config file or set launch parameters would be fine but I didn’t find a config with buffer settings.


Android 11
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e (SM-T720)
AudioRelay 0.26.1
5Ghz Wifi

Windows 10 Education
Version 21H2
Build 19044.2251
AudioRelay 0.26.3

Both connect to same router which is also the modem. I can look up or change any relevant setting here but it is too much to list.


If it is not possible to configure the stream android to PC then that is not made clear anywhere in the app or on the website.
You seem very focused on the PC to Android use-case but I can find several alternative solutions for that while you appear to be the only app that can do Android to PC without Bluetooth.

There are no controls for going from your android to windows. important You have to make sure phone link is not active or it will ruin connection. I’ve encountered the same problem and this is a messy one because (for my setup) the only sound that will come through is going to be Voice, VolP. This particular problem is more due to the fact that nobody uses wires though, audio relay isn’t the only one, but it’s the only one that’s donation ware. My only workarounds to mention are to check your notifications, at the bottom you should have a USB notification, but I think it’s on a back channel if it’s voice, I’m not sure but that seems like it’s further complicating this. USB 3.0 may be required unless you get an aux dongle splitter to get that power off the line, or simply get the male usb-c to male aux. If you’re using a laptop with one aux port you’ve got to go into realtek and let it know your sending input or it’s not gonna make noise. Don’t skip that step. :-D Lemme know if you have any luck, because android 13 completely ruined my set-up.