Volume drops whenever a quiet part of a song comes on


When my phone is connected to an external device (3.5m), whenever a relatively quiet part comes on, like piano or low singing, the volume has an audible drop to really quiet levels. I tried every combination of all the options that come with the free version.
100% volume on computer, music player and phone. I don’t have any other issues and was hoping to upgrade if this problem gets fixed. Sub 30ms latency and 0% packets dropped. It’s baffling me.


0.12.4 on Windows 10 computer connected via ethernet to 5GHz extender
0.12.1 on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android 10 connected to the same extender

Should clarify that I was only using the external speakers at the time of testing, but the problem happens even without it, and the best way to explain it is it sounds like it’s clipping but at low volumes instead of high. The whole audio dips in quiet parts like how it would if it clips.

I recorded it, this is not the microphone clipping, it’s what I hear and what I mean. The dips in volume between the singing (quiet parts).

Pretty strange, it seems like a program on your PC is trying to attenuate the background noise of what it thinks is an ongoing call.
But it would only make sense if you selected an input device in AudioRelay…

What audio device have you selected in AudioRelay (PC)?
Do you have any way to try with another audio device? (You could try a virtual one such as this).

If the comments above don’t help pinpoint the issue, could you install Audacity and check if you have the same issue with it?
You’d need to select the same device as in AudioRelay.

Using audacity would help us know whether:

  • The issue is PC wide
  • It only affects AudioRelay or AudioRelay is itself the culprit

Thank you for your response, I’ll try Audacity when I’m home, and I can try another audio device + my laptop to see if it persists. I assumed it was audio relay because using my headphones at the same time (The selected audio device) did not have the issue I mentioned.

Hi @Xel, did you get the chance to test?

Hi, I did not, I’m sorry, I was staying with relatives
I’ll post as soon as I can

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Sorry for taking so long, I actually stopped using my speakers for a while because my neighbors had exams. It seems your new version fixed the issue as far as I can tell, if it pops up again I’ll take detailed logs of everything. Thank you for making this.

PS. Holy fuck, thank you for the volume control from PC

Thanks for the update. :slightly_smiling_face: