Use AudioRelay as microphone for PC

Please test the version over here.

+1 I’d support this.

yes. much needed feature.

I would like to use this app as mic, speaker, camera and remote control for pc both via USB and Wi-Fi.

would be nice to have Xbox Party Game Bar chats work with this but that may not be possible.

yeah bro, much need, for use like speaker, camera and remote control for pc

+1 I’m waiting. Actually i’m using 2 other apps for transmit audio output from PC and smartphone’s microphone audio to PC.

+1 much needed feature

+1. Would love this feature.

Yes. Basically, I am trying to use my Windows PC to visit I want to click on the microphone and speak while having my phone’s microphone (earbuds, headphone, and etc) transmit the audio through AudioRelay back to my PC.

I need.
I bought the app without knowing that it didn’t have this functionality.

Absolutely. Would even pay for the full version just for this feature

The app is great! Would love to see this feature. I would also donate a little if that would speed up development for this feature.

very needed !!!

This would be really nice!

I also agree, because it would be great if you had that

that will be so coll

Absolutely! +1 I’m actually using another app for this feature, it’d be great to have it all integrated.
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Bump, I’m really interested on this feature!

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Yep would be a really nice addition :slight_smile: