USB tethering causing lag

Hello, I wanted to use USB tethering to play games and talk with my friends because as of now I can’t get wired headphones. However I noticed that whenever i use Tethering the ping skyrockets to oblivion and the connection is generally unstable. Is there a way I can maybe reduce the lag or delete it completely?
Thanks in advance


Desktop Win 11 Pro 16 GB Ram, ryzen i7 5800x,

Android 13

Hello @Goaldenboy71,

I assume that you’re seeing lag in games when using USB tethering.
If so, you could try to prevent Windows from using this new connection by changing its priority.
Try to follow these instructions and set a higher value to the network adapter used for USB tethering. The adapter with the lowest value will take priority.

If you’re talking about lags AudioRelay, that’d be strange, as the connection should be pretty good via USB.

Hi, thanks for answering.

Yes I do encounter lag in games that’s exactly the issue, I have no problem with lag within audiorelay while using USB tethering because like you said it is pretty fast.
Just a doubt, Is there a value that is better than another?
For example if I put 1 in the wifi adapter I wanna use and 2000 on the USB tethering, is it any better if I were to put 1 and 5?
Thanks again for your time

Looking at my own PC, setting something like 100 to the USB adapter should suffice.

You can check the current values by doing this:

  • Start Windows Powershell from the start menu
  • Type Get-NetIPInterface
  • Check the InterfaceMetric value of your Wi-Fi adapter
  • Set a value superior to that

I’d only change the value of the USB adapter in case 1 day you use an Ethernet cable and forget to update these values, for example.