The problem with simultaneous operation of Audio Relay and wired Internet

The problem is that by connecting USB, sound is transmitted almost without delay, but the Internet works terribly, because this USB is considered a separate network


Xiaomi Redmi 9
AudioRelay 0.26.1

Windows 10
AudioRelay 0.27.5

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So you have to stop completely using internet to listen sound from pc on smartphone dac/system? Or to use mobile internet, because of that this application doesn’t seems to make sense without workaround, how people in reviews are saying it works, they are just fine to turn off internet or to change cable internet to mobile wifi? I don’t understand. Bluetooth i know is not good quality wise with my phone but i also don’t what device i would need for pc to try. For internet network, when i have router in completely other room far away and connect pc only through ethernet cable it would work, to use it as a dac for pc? Don’t understand how to use this application for best quality sound in windows and multimedia like music and videos with audio, games etc.

When I use this application to broadcast audio from a PC to a phone, everything works well over usb, the delay is minimal and unnoticeable, but when connected to usb, the Internet starts to work 3 times worse than usual.

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