Support for VR headset user case premium activation

Hi Asapha and community,

Yesterday, I was able to use AudioRelay to send the microphone of my VR headset(Android, Quest 3) to my computer. This is one of the top requests in the VR community that uses the Immersed app to work. Sharing my findings with the community today, the main question that popped up is how we can support the app and have the premium features without depending on Google services?

Most of the users are using a version of Meta Quest headset. They will be happy to buy a version of your app directly from the Meta Store or, if it is simpler, from the Sidequest store.

Is there a way that we can help you to improve the instructions? The instructions lack information, especially for Linux, on how to create a virtual mic/sink device. I was able to find some answers on the forum, and for Windows and Mac, I found the vb-cable software that has a page in the docs that explains the process for Windows.

Thank you for sharing with us this amazing work!