Sudden crash due to SIGABRT/std::logic_error on Arch Linux


AudioRelay suddenly crashed while afk on ArchLinux, since then, it crashes on every startup.

Things I’ve tried:

  • I tried rebooting.
  • Reinstalling the package (from AUR).
  • Downloading the package tarball from the website.
  • Delete all related config files.
  • Disabling secondary network interfaces (just playing with log messages).
  • Change LANG and LC_MESSAGES env variables (also playing with env).

Steps to reproduce

Not sure. Use it a few times on arch maybe?


I think it’s not related to this, but I’ve used it on arch/artix laptops and android phones.

Current Device:
Arch Linux 6.6.7-arch1-1
audiorelay-0.27.5 (latest on the website as of today)


I have a coredump of the process along with a strace output and the program stdout itself. I’ll upload a tarball as soon as I find a way to.
And I don’t think it’s relevant, but I’m using pipewire, there’s also been no update of any package since the last time AudioRelay worked.

This should have the file with the dump and logs hosted:

Still, I’ma keep the file on my machine for now in case it gets deleted, you should implement an upload file button tho, could prevent a lot of malware as that link might be a malicious one.

It worked next reboot, but it still breaks sometimes and the only way to fix is wait for another day. There are no running bg processes related to audiorelay or anything similar.