Stream phone audio to PC

It’s technically possible but it would require devices with at least Android 10.

Yes please, id pay double what I already did for this just for this feature.

If you don’t mind, could you tell me what you would use this for?

Well for one, say i want to join multiple discord voice chats at once, i kinda need 2 devices for this, being able to have my phone audio seen as a mic (to my PC) would allow my setup with the help of audiorelay to do this. (Phone connects to 2nd chat & sends the audio) That way i could have a chat with some lets say opponents & have my friends hear, with that 2nd chat not realizing theres alot more people listening.

That & connecting my xbox party chat-only friends to discord parties; say that my PC audio could stream to my phone as a mic & my phone audio to my pc as my PC as a 2nd mic, thus allowing xbox players to technically join discord parties in an admittedly janky way. (This could also just be done through an android to android solution too tho)