Stream audio over the Internet

Right now, AudioRelay only works out of the box on a local network.

Would you like to listen to your PC outside your home?
Would you like to install AudioRelay on a remote server?

Please write why you’d need this feature. :+1:

In short, yes, I’d use it.

I currently use audio relay for remotely monitoring a live audio mix. Whilst access to my system is either locally over WiFi, or remotely already over the “internet” through a VPN connection, I’d be keen to know how you’d accomplish this, and at what cost; ie latency, compression, quality, etc. Would it have to traverse a 3rd party server for session iniation with peer-to-peer streaming?

I’d use it,
currently I dont have a need for this app however when I leave my house I use a steam link to connect to my home desktop for some reason the built in audio streaming doesnt work so I’d like to use this an altenrative.

You said out of the box, does that mean I can configure it to work over the network?