Run AudioRelay from the command line (Headless, CLI, no GUI)

Please comment below how this would help you. :+1:

Just posted about this for rpi support – but a CLI setup guide with remote management from a server (connect/manage devices remotely) would be great.


CLI would be useful as I have a lot of icons in the system tray and it would probably help reduce the clutter.

I haven’t really thought about this since my personal use was only on my Windows desktop PC <-> android smartphone so far. But recently I thought about a way to get sound off of a raspberry pi with raspbian lite installed and didn’t even think about Audiorelay.
So while I have no active need for it, it would be a neat solution for some projects/problems down the line. On windows I would personally keep using the GUI version though since the “minimize to system tray” option is enough for me.

I could see it being really nice for implementing some sort of live streaming service on a linux box somewhere. With multiple connections on premium you could probably get some pretty decent syncing across a lot of devices.

I just set up a Raspberry Pi 3 as a Kodi box running Xbian. AudioRelay, if it even works on RPi, would not be possible to run on these Kodi-oriented operating systems without first installing a display server. This doesn’t really make sense for an embedded Kodi device. A CLI solution for AudioRelay would allow for far greater flexibility than Bluetooth both in terms of scalability and function in this context where running the GUI app is not already possible.

I have a project where I would use audiorelay on an audio hub of sorts and that hub would be on a headless machine controlled with a simple rest api.

It would be faster to launch the server from the terminal