ReceiverError TCP communication stopped working when in a subnet

I am getting a ReceiverError: the TCP communication to {my device name} ({subnet gateway ip}) stopped working. Server version is 0.12.4 and android is 0.12.1.

It works fine when in the same subnet.


Network 1:
net1 router @
server @
net2 router @

Network 2:
net2 router @
android @

when I do a manual connection to it does connect, but after a second or two the following error appears:
ReceiverError: the TCP communication to android ( stopped working

Hi @vMarcelino,

I guess that the UDP packets aren’t reaching the Android device when you’re on a different subnet. When that happens, the Android app tries to reconnect, which closes the TCP connection.

A TCP socket is open on port 59100 for messaging purposes and the audio packets are sent from the server via UDP on port 59100.

So, could setting port forwarding on the net2 router be a solution?
(UDP 59100 forwarded to

What do you think?

how is it done. i have the same problem and i would like to apply that solution.

It depends on your devices. Can you access the admin panel of your routers?
You could try by Googling port forward {{your_router_name}}.