Raspberry Pi & Alexa Support

Hiya, just bought the lifetime app – really impressed with the latency and audio quality, not to mention how easy this way to set up.

This is a two-part suggestion, both of which would be useful features but wanted to fully lay out the use case for someone like me interested in whole home audio.

I like using a central PC to mix and send out audio around the house. It’s easier to listen to podcasts, or switch between content (music/video) as opposed to using a 3P platform where I’m locked into Spotify’s ecosystem. AudioRelay has provided me a lot of value in its low latency to send that audio to other devices locally.

Unfortunately most android devices these days are losing 3.5MM jacks. I could stock up on 3.5mm devices and place them around the house and connect them to my PC via audiorelay, but a cheaper option would be a Raspberry Pi. Have you considered headless RPi as a potential client? That way I could remotely connect/disconnect to them around the house and use them to send audio around the house? Perhaps this is just an adaptation of the existing linux guide with arm binaries?

This is also a long shot – but wanted to ask if you considered signing up as an Alexa Skill or investigating support for Alexa speaker groups? I suspect this is probably not achievable as Alexa seems to make it extremely difficult to support local audio streams but wanted to ask if you’ve looked into it. The alternative to a raspberry pi (or dual opportunity, since you can enable alexavoice SDK on a rpi) would be to sending audio to an Alexa speaker group, but that probably introduces a host of complexities due to relying on Amazon’s speaker apis and playlists.

Either way, the app seems super useful and hopefully more devices are supported so I can send audio to more devices!