Random latency spikes every 30-120 seconds or so


This problem happens both wirelessly and connected via USB with USB tethering enabled, literally the exact same. Im literally next to the router and what happens is that I have decent latency of less than 5 ms most of the time, never even going above 10 ms (acording to the graph in the app) but every 50 seconds or so I get a massive latency spike that usually goes all the way to 420ms which is very noticeable and annoying. Tried even just with 10 Kb/s quality just to see if that changes anything and… It doesn’t at all, I still get the exact same spikes just as often and as intense. Tried changing the audio output from OpenSL ES to AudioTrack and, once again, no difference. I tried everything you can imagine, with no luck.
I don’t report this as a bug because idk if it is or not, but it might very well be since I tried everything and nothing helps. My CPU usage while testing all this has been like 5-20% and Im using High Performance power plan.


Android 12
Moto G22
AudioRelay 0.26.1

Desktop PC:
Motherboard Asus B560M-A, i3-10105f, RX 550, 8GB DDR4 3333mhz, Windows 10
AudioRelay 0.27.5