Player options for pc version (choice of buffer)

The buffer options on the mobile version are really helpfull to get an uninterrupted sound and to synchronise it with other devices.

Having the same options on the pc version would allow users to use PCs as well as android phones to listen to the server’s audio.

I’m trying to listen to an audio book, playing on android to my PC headphones.

There doesn’t seem to be an option to increase the stream buffer in the PC app.

The problem is the audio is constantly stuttering and popping.
This is because the buffer seems to only stay around ~1ms and ~15ms but my network latency frequently has spikes of 50ms to 200ms.

There are buffering options for the other modes of operation for exactly this reason… but none for the way I’m using the app?
It’s really disappointing, because I bought premium thinking that the feature must be available after purchase.

Please can we have this implemented?
I’m limited to streaming pc to pc due to distance and power outlets. First person shooter games would have much better audio sync if I could choose settings on pc myself.

Purchased full version <3

I had this problem solved with a second phone. I did a really extensive setup too, I set up the device as a secondary DHCP, essentially. I make audio book recordings, that’s why I needed it too be right. But google will not accept any secondary methods of payment, like a prepaid card, so I’m forced to never use another google play store premium service. (if you cancel an app it immediately discontinues premium, there’s no option to not auto pay. If I pay for 30 days, I want 30 days of service. This is a crime on google’s part) Well, apparently, tethering is a premium feature, I don’t remember this being the case, but it’s gone. So now all that work is null, and the applications serves no function. But, you can take this route I’ve described if you have a secondary phone.