"Payment unsuccessful" for "Lifetime" Premium only

For some reason, the AudioRelay app will not allow me to purchase the “Lifetime” Premium, even though I have more than sufficient funds and that I am able to use my card for other purchases on the Google Play Store and on other apps.

Funnily, I can even purchase the “Monthly” and “Yearly” subscriptions for Premium. Despite this, whenever I try to purchase the “Lifetime” Premium, I get the following error:

“Payment unsuccessful
Your card issuer declined your payment. Declined payments are often due to insufficient funds or card status. Check your card or select a different payment method.”

This is despite the card working everywhere else on the Google Play Store.

Any ideas as to why this is happening? Also, any workarounds to purchase “Lifetime” Premium?

To add, in case it’s relevant, I’m from Malaysia.

Your monthly purchase is still on the free trial. It could still fail after 7 days. :frowning:
From my end, I can see that your payments are getting declined with this message:

Payment declined
There was an issue charging the customer’s payment method

Which doesn’t tell us much more…

Could you try to run the troubleshooter from this page?

If that doesn’t help, please ask Google Play’s support for more info.

Hi Asapha,

Thank you for your reply, and I’m glad to let you know that I managed to resolve this: my bank doesn’t allow their debit card to be used for Google Play Store subscriptions out of security reasons. Therefore, I managed to purchase the “Lifetime” Premium through FPX payment.

By the way, great app! Thank you so much for developing it.

Nice, thanks for the purchase!

Did the troubleshooter help in any way or did you directly contact your bank?
In case someone else has a similar payment issue.

Is there any other method to purchase the Premium? I can’t use Google Play Store to purchase, the interface always shows Loading failed. An error occured while contacting Google's billing service.