Not working on Debian 12 (Linux)


The software requires libflac8 and debian 12 uses libflac12
, but even though when I install libflac8, Audiorelay sounds like alien sounds.

Same problem here, but i solved it somehow. So i installed Pulse audio volume control. I would recommend you to install it from synaptic package manager. pkg name = pulseaudio-utils .
(or else use this command for debian/ubuntu => sudo dnf install pavucontrol ).
Then in the app, in recording section select [Monitor of build in audio analog stereo].

PS: if you are facing this (sound coming from pc as well as phone) => just connect earphone to the pc. You are done.


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It works! thank you very much, sir.

bro, how to download libflac8 this package

You can download the .deb file from here:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the images for captcha verification
  3. Download the image for Ubuntu 22.x or Debian 11 regardless of you are on Ubuntu 23 or 24 (in the future) or Debian 12.
  4. Choose the file according to the distro you are on…

And then Open a terminal from Downloads folder or cd into Downloads folder
sudo dpkg -i <file_name>.deb

Replace the filename with whatever filename is valid.

After this install AudioRelay and it should work now.