No sound on smartphone


I downloaded audiorelay for linux ( deb and for android ) , installation was successfull. Server is running but when checking audio device stats says - no sound detected although trying all the possibilities there. Device and pc are in the same
Audo device is set as default


For example, if you’re trying to connect a phone to a laptop:

Android 9
Moto G
AudioRelay 0.7.5

Asus, lubuntu 20.04
AudioRelay 0.24.2

Hello @saturn1955,

What other audio devices do you have available in the list?
I’d try to use a virtual audio device as mentioned in the docs.

Also, are you really using the 0.7.5 version on Android? It’s a really old one.

I downloaded the newest version 0.8 for android.
I acted on your advice and the manual and set audio device to AudioRelay Speakers.
But in volume control the set for speakers is plugged out which I can t change.
And still no sound

There’s no 0.8 version, did you mean something else?

I meant 0.24.7

Do you have access to the Play Store? That’s not the latest version for Android. :frowning: