Music control in client

I’ve been using my Android smartphone as a music playback device well instead of a Bluetooth dongle with Audiorelay.

I get very little delay/good sound quality than a bluetooth dongle, so I’m happy with it.

My only complaint is that I can’t control the music from my smartphone.

When playing music on the server, I would like to be able to control play, pause, next, and previous songs on the client.

If possible, it would be even better if the buttons on wired or Bluetooth earphones connected to the client were also compatible.

This would make using Audiorelay much more convenient.


I have the same request. I’ve been looking for a solution just like this, evaluated a number of them and I promptly bough AudioRelay lifetime license seeing how well it works in the basic scenario of relaying sound. I was sort of hoping the promise of “Stop and resume the stream” in premium would translate into playback controls, but it sadly didn’t.

I have a similar case - I want to use my PC as the primary audio source, however whenever I step away I want to maintain the best range and also pick up calls on the same headset. It’s a lifechanger to be able to do that now seamlessly.

However, if I could use my headset playback controls just as seamlessly, this solution would basically become my only way of managing sound, period. Since we have a two-way connection already, I’m sure playback control data could be relayed as well.

There been so many times I’ve clicked through my headset to pause audio to remember that it’s playing via relay and I need to get up and do it manually on the server. This feature would be a great quality of life improvement.