Low Volume


When I stream the audio from laptop to android phone, the volume is very low, doesn’t matter if it’s through speaker or earphones. I tried the tip given to increase laptop audio before muting but it doesn’t work, the pc audio is completely independent.

An easy fix is to create a separate volume controller in app that controls the volume going through devices, doesn’t matter if the server or reciever device has high or low volume.


Connection: Laptop to Phone

Android 10
Pocophone F1
AudioRelay 0.25.5

MSC GF63 Thin 9SC, Windows 11 Home
AudioRelay 0.25.5

Does it help if you try this?

  • Type sound settings in Windows search
  • Click on the Sound Control Panel (below or on the right)
  • Right-click on your playback device
  • Click on Properties
  • Click on Configure speakers
  • Select stereo

Do you mean this? If so then nope. I only have that one option only anyway. Tried enable/disable other sound options but still low volume.

Ok, on the Android side, have you already tried to change the Audio output?
Like this:

The volume could be low because the app isn’t using the phone’s equalizer.

It changed the audio quality which makes the audio louder a bit, but it’s still not the normal loudness.