Low volume on exclusive mode disabled

Hi, i’m having issue where app volume gets lowered to nearly unusable level when disabling exclusive mode. On phone speaker it’s not as bad as on headphones where phone volume has to be set to 100% in order to hear anyone on meetings at the same time every other app sound is to loud to bear.

It would be fantastic to have additional slider after exclusive mode setting to change mute precentage in and be able to set it to not mute at all.

You’ve tried to increase the volume on your computer? Also check if your phone are separating the audios in two types, some smartphones do that automatically and you can set the amount that you need from that.

If none of this things work please tell us what is your phone, app and android version.

Hi @Det,

Is the suggestion from @Rocstar applicable to your situation?

I could sort of reproduce your issue when starting a call on Discord while AudioRelay is running.
But I could simply bring the volume of AudioRelay up by doing so:

  • Press one time on a volume key
  • The volume bar appear
  • Click on the mixer button at the bottom of the volume bar
  • Adjust the media volume and the call volume to whatever values are correct for you

What do you think?