Low microphone volume

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The microphone volume is really low when I test it on https://online-voice-recorder.com/ on PC and compared it on phone.


Please note the model and versions of your devices.
For example, if you’re trying to connect a phone to a laptop:

Android 8
P10 Lite
AudioRelay 0.24.6

Windows 10
AudioRelay 0.24.3


  1. The normal microphone would be the Voice comunication that is the normal microphone volume.

Question is: Why is breaking the received sound?
The sound is fading out and in randomly when no Heatset.
And when with Headset whe sound is really weird, no bass, small fading out-in. You can’t listen to.

Why the echo cancelation works on received sound and not to what mic is sending out. This is really weird and breaks it.

Really not understand why so many Microphone modes if all is affecting the Player volume like Voice comunication and others like Default, Mic, Camcoder, Unprocessed are the same.

How I get the “Voice comunication” volume that is the normal volume of the microphone that I get on Device and on PC without breaking the Player sound?

Anything news on this?

I should have a version for you to test by tomorrow. It’ll allow you to boost the mic’s volume and deactivate various audio effects introduced when using Voice communication.

Hi @andro_marian,

Could you please install this version on your phone?
You’ll find new options on the server screen.

The weird fading out that you mentioned on your first post could be due to the built-in noise suppression.

Let me if it works OK for you.