Lots of underruns on Linux

Hello there, I’m posting a problem i’m currently facing with my setup using your program.

I’m currently having a issue with the sound sometimes while I’m using the program

My setup is:

(Linux) Ubuntu 22.04 LTS [Client] {0.26.3}
(Windows) Windows 7 Pro [Server] {0.26.3}

So my Linux pc connects to my Windows pc via a RJ47 ethernet cable (to avoid delay) and
when I take a look at the console for AudioRelay it Shows an error while the Alien Like sound is played.

Here is a video for you guys to watch the problem:


Also possible duplicate of Linux sound like if it’s a alien

and does any1 else get a “hovering spaceship” sound whenever there’s no audio playing?

also “packet loss” in latency when playing audio

Hello @here,

You could check if the new version improved things on your end.
If you can, I’d also suggest to capture audio from a device other than the ALSA one.