Libflac8 dependency does not exist debian


If you try to install via the deb file, you will get an error that tells you that the libflac8 dependency does not exist.

Steps to reproduce

Simply download the deb file on debian and try to install.


OS: Debian
AudioRelay: 0.27.5

I found a workaround way for now

First, install audiorelay ignoring dependency libflac8:

sudo dpkg -i --ignore-depends=libflac8 audiorelay-0.27.5.deb

Then follow this official guide install virtual audio device:

Don’t forget to install pavucontrol:

sudo apt install pavucontrol

Select audiorelay speaker on your volume control/sound setting and on audiorelay app

By default debian 12 use libflac12

On Ubuntu, this doesn’t install the package in the correct manner and you are stuck with not able to install any further applicatons using apt. It asks you to first remove the audiorelay package and then it allows for any other installation.