Is there implicit latency compensation?

For reasons too stupid to get into, I set up my computer as a bluetooth sink for my TV, and then used audio relay to stream sound to my phone from which it went into my bluetooth headsets. I was expecting there to be at least some noticeable latency since there’s two bluetooth connections in the chain and each probably average around 300ms. When playing a game, that is the case, and I get a very noticeable latency that feels just under a second. When playing a video though, I feel no lag in the audio. Watching a latency test video on youtube further lends credence to this.

I know that for individual bluetooth devices the latency is reported to the host and video playback is adjusted in order to compensate, but I didn’t expect that to work in this case. Apparently it does and I’m struggling to understand why. Is AudioRelay implicitly or explicitly conveying the latency info for my headset back to my laptop which in turn is adding it up and sending that back to the TV or something?

AudioRelay doesn’t do anything of the sort.

A simple explanation could be that the bulk of the latency is between your computer and the TV, and the latency added by the Bluetooth headset is negligible?