Is it possible to output the original audio data from the smartphone?

i’m using this app to monitor the sound source I recorded.

Can I listen to the audio data source without any transformations?


Here’s the audio path on Windows from AudioRelay’s perspective:

Other apps playing audio → WASAPI Mix → AudioRelay on Desktop → Format conversionOpus encoding → Network → AudioRelay on Android → Opus decodingAndroid (Eventual effects)

AudioRelay uses WASAPI to get a stream of what’s playing on your PC.
The app requests a stream with the format 48kHz/16bits/2ch. If WASAPI can’t give us a stream with this format, the audio will be converted by AudioRelay. The conversion can be prevented if the playback device is set to this format in Windows settings.

You can remove the Opus encoding step by choosing the Uncompressed audio quality inside the Android app.

Then, you can choose the Audio output inside the Android app. Selecting AudioTrack will enable eventual “audio effects” from the manufacturer, like an equalizer. Selecting OpenSL ES bypasses these effects but the audio can be bad on some phones.

Please let me know if this helps