Internet and discord connection degraded/not working when plugged in


(I use the USB tethering option) Whenever i connect my AudioRelay to the server, and sometimes before that (when i turn on USB tethering) my internet either stops working properly and/or my Discord connectivity goes down to 1 bar (on VC) and texts stop sending or send slowly. Pages load very slowly, discord stops working or gives the “No route, RTC connection failed, disconnected” errors when trying to join a VC.

What’s weird is that my internet is fine according to Ookla speed tests.


Galaxy A12 connected to Desktop, as well as a set of phillips bluetooth headphones connected to my phone (unsure of exact model)

Android 12
Galaxy A12, model number SM-A125F/DSN
AudioRelay 0.26.1


AudioRelay 0.27.5

Hey! I have the same issue. Found out that some programs and websites (discord, like you said; reddit webpage; games… etc.) wanna connect to the second network, that was created by your phone sharing its wifi to the PC. Ofcourse this would just slow your internet, as you would basically use wifi instead of cable ethernet, BUT if you turn off every internet connection to your phone ( so the network only transfers your audiorelay data) these webpages and programs still wanna connect to that network wich doesnt have internet, instead of the normal one. They doesnt recognise the working network and they want to stay on the one created via your phone. Still havent found a solution, hope you could understand what i meant :smile:

DID you found any solution? i am facing same problem,